Flexbox Core Sliders

R 290.00

The ultimate addition to any workout, offering versatile, omnidirectional core training on nearly any surface. With a grip-friendly tread pattern on top and a low-friction, non-marking bottom, they ensure smooth, stable glides through exercises like converging push-ups, mountain climbers, and knee tucks. Compact, lightweight, and ideal for both women and men, these sleek black discs are easy to store and perfect for any fitness level. Elevate your routine and achieve your fitness goals with Flexbox Core Slider Discs – the perfect blend of functionality, performance, and style!

About this item:

  • Low-friction material slides smoothly on virtually any surface

  • Use anywhere training aid that builds core strength and increases flexibility

  • Large surface area with ergonomic tread provides a comfortable, non-slip grip for hands and feet

  • Unique shape reinforces omnidirectional movement


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