Transform your Training Experience

The Flexbox App is a free, comprehensive fitness app designed specifically for getting the best out of Flexbox. This innovative app is tailored to deliver a unique training experience by showcasing a wide range of movements and workouts for your workout goals.

Movement Library:

The Flexbox App boasts an extensive exercise library, providing users with a diverse collection of movements that can be performed using the Flexbox bench. The app offers clear instructions and visual demonstrations to ensure proper form and technique.

Customised Workouts:

The app also offers pre-designed workout routines specifically tailored to maximise the benefits of the Flexbox bench. Whether your goal is to build strength and toning, cardio and fitness, or flexibility, the app provides a variety of workout plans suitable for all fitness levels and goals.

Video Demonstrations:

The app includes high-quality video demonstrations for each exercise, ensuring that you understand the correct form and technique. These visual guides help users perform exercises safely and effectively, reducing the risk of injury and maximising results.

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